How To Make Small Eyes Look Bigger?

How To Make Small Eyes Look Bigger?

Many people consider big eyes to be more beautiful than small eyes. Do you have smaller eyes? Don’t be said, dear friend. You can actually make them look bigger and rounder by applying makeup! After all, perception is one thing that can be easily manipulated. Take a look at some of these makeup tips and see if they work for you.

First, apply a toner or concealer around your eyes to cover up the dark circles and make the skin look smoother and more even. A concealer should be a few shades lighter than your skin color. Now, you need to cover it up with powder. The first trick to make your eyes look bigger is to apply light colored eye shades on your lids. You may use silver or frost tints to make the lids look lighter and sparkling.

Then take some grayish or brownish shades to put under your eyebrows. Apply it with a brush over the light colored shades on your eyelids. Now, you may take a white eyeliner and apply it on the inner part of your lower eyelid. This would make your eyes look wider and more round.

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