8 Great Ways to Persuade People With Your Speech


Some people simply have the power to make others dance to their tunes. Have you wondered what it is to have the ‘gift of the gab’? Influencing and persuading people to your choices constitute a trick that is great to have. So, here are some great ways to persuade people with your speech.

1. Use humor

Humor wins hands down in every situation. Even the most complicated or boring subjects can be instantly perked up with some good humor. Humor is the best form of entertainment that can garner quick attention and influence listeners to act upon a specific point of view communicated.

2. Watch your body language

Many celebrities you watch on television influence the mass largely with their body language combined with their speech. Most times, body language plays a big role in communicating an idea or ideal to one or more people. When you incorporate the right kind of gestures, hand movements, smile or lack of it, eye contact and postures, you portray a confident you. And when you are confident, people invest their trust and beliefs in you. Some people have the power to turn a nation towards them. Read their body language.

3. Be an authority on the subject

If you have to communicate something to a group or if you want your audience to take you seriously, the first and foremost thing to possess is complete knowledge on the subject. If you are a seller, you should know what you sell. People lose confidence when you sway, fumble and don’t give them concrete answers. Make sure you are well equipped to answer every possible question.

4. Know your audience

Most times, it may not be the subject that holds the audience together but the way in which it is presented. Tailoring a message according to the nature of audience is an important ability a speaker must possess. When you give your audience what they may need in a way they like, half the job is done.

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