4 Tips to Deal With Inferiority Complex

4 Tips to Deal With Inferiority Complex

If you feel that you are no good while everybody else around you is smart, intelligent and lucky, then you are suffering from inferiority complex. It comes from the thought that you hardly have any positive traits as compared to the people you look up to. You feel depressed and helpless when you see others succeed and thrive in their fields while you continue to struggle with apparently no desired outcome; and you thus tend to procrastinate. You need to boost your self esteem immediately in order to overcome your inferiority complex. Here are four ways how.

1. Avoid procrastination

One of the signs of inferiority complex is procrastination. If you have been continuously putting off important work for later and never end up doing it, you might be suffering from inferiority complex. You might be doing it because you are not confident enough that you will complete your work successfully and will achieve the result you want. Avoid this, try and do your work on time, and when you do so you will feel great about yourself.

2. Make new friends

You need to make new friends. If you think that it is too difficult and out of your capability, think again! Making friends does not take any effort at all. Think of all the people you have come to know in your life. Have you really put great effort in making them your friends or has it just happened without you even realizing that they were now becoming friends? Join clubs, start playing a sport and you will begin to acquaint yourself with new people with whom you might become best of friends.

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