9 Tips For Dating A Shy Guy

9 Tips For Dating A Shy Guy

Attracted to a guy who backs off every time you make a move towards him? Having a hard time trying to get the guy to be comfortable with you? Well, dating shy guys is a different ball game altogether as shy guys don’t open up right away. Though they are shy, underneath they are as good as any other guy. Getting there is a hard journey for any girl. These guys are silent, scared to socialize with girls and generally low on self-confidence. These few steps should help you in dating a shy guy.

1. Appreciate him

Appreciate him for what he is. His shyness shows he is not arrogant. Being shy makes him a good listener.

2. Keep conversations casual

Stay casual with him and keep the conversations general and comfortable so that he can ease into it. Drop clues to convey you like him instead of expressing it in haste.

3. Take your time

Do not get physically involved at first. Take your time. Making sudden moves might just make him more nervous. Make sure he is okay with it. You will be the first one to make physical contact usually as he wouldn’t do so. So know when the time is right.

4. Make him feel special

The guy is generally shy because of low self-esteem. Make him feel important and confident in your presence. Get him to lead you.

5. Make him comfortable in your company

Make sure he is comfortable when he meets you. The environment plays an important role in his level of comfort. Go over to his place or his favorite coffee house and let him take his time to get comfortable with you.

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