8 Unusual Uses of White Vinegar

8 Unusual Uses of White Vinegar

Vinegar is known to make Chinese food taste better. However, it also has a number of other uses that make it a very handy ingredient to always keep at home. You would be surprised by how white vinegar saves the day in so many ways. Housewives can benefit from vinegar hugely as these are some of the ways that it comes to the rescue.

1. Solution for hiccups

Hiccupping is a really embarrassing act and we laymen are still not sure what causes them to appear and disappear, all of a sudden. You could always keep a vial of vinegar handy for when you are invaded by a hiccup attack. Sipping a teaspoon of it is known to cure even the most violent hiccup spasms.

2. Banish ants

This condiment seems to be resembling a woman since it can multi-task really well. Jokes aside, if you are a harried woman who doesn’t know how to get rid of ants invading your home, spray those areas with a mixture of half cup water and half cup vinegar and see them retracting back their steps.

3. Soften fabrics

If you find clothes coming out after drying to be very stiff, you can use vinegar to soften them. Add a few drops of it to the washing machine, just before you press the button for the last rinse. The clothes will not stiffen after drying.

4. Cleaning agent

The half-half combination ratio of water and vinegar can do wonders for cleaning stuff. It aids in cleaning floors, shelves and fridges, as long as they are not made of marble or granite.

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