6 Quick Ways to Tone Up Your Body

6 Quick Ways to Tone Up Your Body

Is the desire to tone up your body and to have those perfect curves burning inside you? Do you secretly envy your neighbor whose perfectly toned body makes your husband/boyfriend steal a second look? Do you procrastinate the date of joining a gym just because you do not have the time or the will to do so? We understand that getting to that perfect shape can be quite a challenge, but the trick to toning up is to increase your muscle mass and reduce the body fat. When your metabolic rate is boosted, the fat in your body automatically melts. There are many ways to build muscle mass and set the metabolic rate going, it’s important to choose the method that suits you best.

1. Lift weights for quick tone-up

Lifting weights is a very effective and quick means of building muscle. Start with small weights and graduate slowly to the heavier ones. Make sure that you warm up and cool down before and after each weight training regime. Choose from exercises for legs, arms and the core (or abdomen), create a pattern of these exercises and follow it. It is important to use the right technique while lifting weights or you may run the risk of getting an injury; so get trained before starting a regime of your own. With the right technique and perseverance you can reach your goal, sooner than you anticipated.

2. Workout at home if going to a gym is not an option

Many of us find no time to spend long hours of workout at the gym. There is no need to fret; you can tone up even at the comfort of your home. Dumbbells, elastic bands, balance balls and medicine balls are all you need for simple muscle toning at home. These inexpensive methods coupled with basic curls and push-ups for arms, and squats and calf raises for legs can make a good tone-up regime. The right technique for these workouts can be looked up at any reliable website.

3. Include proteins in your diet

Muscles are nothing but protein. So including proteins in your daily diet is necessary for toning the body. A variety of foods are a source of protein; among these, lean meat should be your choice. Lean meat includes chicken, turkey, fish and other white meat. The vegetarian source of lean protein includes tofu, low-fat cheese, green leafy vegetables, sprouts, beans and nuts. You should target getting 10–35% of calories from proteins.

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