6 Reasons You Must Buy Iphone 6


The craze for iPhone 6 has just begun. Everyone wants to buy the phone for some awesome features and well personal reasons. Are you planning to buy the same, if yes then you should go for it. And, if not then here are some reasons you must definitely buy an iPhone 6.

1. A great battery life

iPhone is as it is known for its good battery life, but iPhone 6 promises to be the best in terms of battery. The review of the phone suggests that the battery life may well work up to three days without a single charge. Now, isn’t that something cool. You don’t have to plug your charger every other day to charge your phone. Once charged, for two to three days you would be sorted.

2. It has the latest software support

The IOS 8 support is just great and it comes in the iPhone 6. So, this is like the biggest advantage for people who use it. You don’t have to update your phone time and again depending on the software updates. The update would work well for a longer period of time. It has been slotted to work for like two years at a stretch, and that is something really good.

3. New camera features

When you buy a new phone, the most important feature you look for is the camera and its resolution. Some high end phones now offer up to 40 mega pixels, which can give clear picture quality. But, this is not the case with the new iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 have made changes in the overall features of the camera by adding auto focus, depth focus and exposure setting. So, every time you would click a picture, you would end up with the best picture quality.

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