7 Ways to Raise a Happy Child

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Is your child always cranky, stubborn, unhappy and least interested? This is quite frustrating and drains moms of all their energies. Any child’s first few years must be formative and therefore parents play a huge role in helping him carve a beautiful personality of himself. So, here are some tips for you to raise a happy and content child.

1. Give into his demands sometimes

Every child has numerous demands. If they are something that can enhance the routine and make him or her happy, accept his demands immediately rather than wait for the child to cry and throw a fit for it. If you give in after a fit, your child will learn the wrong thing and will do this every time he wants something. If the demand is inappropriate or harmful, very firmly say a no to it and explain the repercussions in a calm but firm tone.

2. Don’t say no to everything

Some moms have the habit of denying every little demand of the child because of several reasons. They might fear that giving in might make him too pampered or it could be sheer laziness to get up or a result of their bad mood. None of these qualify as real reasons for denying your child’s demands. Don’t debilitate your child’s demands for they are all stepping stones to learning. Learn when to say no but don’t make a habit out of it. Your bad day should not reflect on your behavior towards your innocent child.

3. Don’t make him addicted to TV/computer

Technology should facilitate a child’s learning process but its addiction can be harmful. Many modern moms put their children in front of the television or a computer for hours together to finish their chores. Watching too much of television or spending time on the computer curb your child’s natural creativity and make him addicted to it. One fine day, if you expect your child to stay away from these screens, he is not going to be happy about it and will express his displeasure quite aggressively.

4. Keep him engaged with activities suitable for his age

There is no dearth of activities a child can do every day. Playing, running around and jumping are some physical activities the child must indulge in to stay active, energized and healthy. There are several other activities to engage in that include painting, cooking, helping you out in the kitchen or with other chores, singing, dancing, making sand castles, and the likes. All these activities will help him learn important lessons in life. So, let him indulge and be a facilitating parent.

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