7 Ways to Organize Your Kitchen

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Working in the kitchen not only requires great culinary skills but also the ability to manage and organize your kitchen. You should not be struggling to find a ladle while your beans turn charred black in the pan. Here are 7 ways to organize your kitchen.

1. Have a shelf space for all your cook books

The oven top or the fridge is not a space for you to keep your books. Build a glass shelf away from the refrigerator and the gas stove to keep all your cook books. It should not come in contact with moisture or heat.

2. Have pegs for your kitchen accessories

You could utilize space in your kitchen by hanging a peg on the wall where you can hang your aprons, oven mitts, shopping bags. As all these things can catch fire, so it needs to be away from the stove.

3. Organize your shelves according to use

It’s better to arrange your kitchenware as per size and type. All bowls and small plates together in one row, and all big plates and glasses in another.

4. Have a separate drawer for all your cooking vessels

All pots and pans should be arranged according to their sizes, ranging from small to large in a space that is close to the cooking area so that you can access them easily. An ideal location would be the bottom drawers.

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