6 Signs Your Boyfriend is Losing Interest

6 Signs Your Boyfriend is Losing Interest

If you are the only one putting in time and effort in your relationship, chances are that your boyfriend’s attention could be drifting. Here are a few more signs which will help you to confirm your fears.

1. He doesn’t pamper you with gifts anymore

In the early phase of a new relationship, boyfriends pamper their girlfriends with gifts and tokens of love without a reason or an occasion. If your boyfriend has stopped giving you gifts and does not pampering you anymore with little knick knacks, it could be a tell tale sign that he is taking you for granted. He might be losing interest in your relationship because of which he doesn’t have the urge to give you gifts.

2. He forgets your birthday

It is a commonly known fact that men are not good at remembering dates. But your birthday is one day of the year that you should expect your boyfriend to remember. If your boyfriend has forgotten your birthday more than once, it is an obvious sign that his mind is occupied by other things which are seemingly more important. No matter how much he apologizes, the fact that he has forgotten your birthday more than once is enough to tell you that he is drifting away. Don’t give your boyfriend the benefit of doubt unnecessarily.

3. His night outs with friends outnumber your dates

Does your boyfriend hang out with his friends way more than he does with you? Has he ever canceled a date with you just because he wanted to spend time with his friends? If he has, you should understand that he is losing interest in the relationship. You should actually expect him to cancel his outing with friends and give priority to you.

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