7 Reasons Why Average Girls End With Hot Looking Guys

7 Reasons Why Average Girls End With Hot Looking Guys

Every guy has the image of his Ms. Right on his mind. Every one of us has different choices and different dreams. A lot of men want a nice, honest and successful woman. A rare find, such a woman is considered next to perfect by men! If he gets such a woman with good looks, then he is the luckiest man of the world! A lot of men choose to make some compromises when it comes to selecting a life partner. When it comes to love, romance and understanding, every man’s needs are different. Some of them would go for less good looking or rather, average looking women. Here are some reasons why average women end up with hot looking guys.

1. Hot men want loyalty from their life partners

Every hot guy wants a loyal and reliable partner. They date several women because they are hot and a lot of women get attracted to them. After dating so many hot women, they might feel that a woman needs to have a lot more than just a hot body. Hence, these qualities they mostly find in average looking women.

2. Dating or marrying an average looking woman can make a hot man be less insecure

The level of insecurity is always high when a hot man is dating a hot woman. There is literally cut-throat competition out there among men when it comes to getting a hot date. Men are insecure by nature. So, they might find an average looking woman in order to make sure that no other man tries to win her over.

3. Hot men find it easier to trust average looking women

A lot of men are suspicious by their very nature. They might not be able to sleep peacefully when they are out of town and when they have a pretty wife alone back home. A hot man might not be able to trust his girlfriend or wife completely if she is beautiful and extremely good looking. This is not because of the bad character of his partner, but because the fierce competition that’s there among the guys to get a hot partner. A hot man might be scared of losing his partner to another guy who is hotter or better than him in any other aspect.

4. Hot men might date or marry average looking women for a financially safe future

Every hot man is not stable financially. He might compromise with the looks of a woman but not with her bank balance. A hot man can marry a woman if she is rich or financially very sound. This might help a hot guy to try his luck in an average looking girl’s family business.

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