7 Lip Gloss Makeup Tips

7 Lip Gloss Makeup Tips

Lip gloss makeup has really picked up with time. Women now choose to wear lip gloss over a lipstick. Lip gloss is easy and convenient to use. The results of lip gloss makeup are great; it can redefine the look of your lips. Read on to know about some lip gloss makeup tips.

1. Define the look

Thin lips are always a topic of discussion amongst girls. Lip gloss can help to make lips appear thick. Apply a liner on the lips to define the look of the lips. Now, apply a lip gloss of a similar shade on the center. This creates an illusion of thick lips. This method works well for all the women having thin lips. Pink colored lip gloss also looks great with this trick.

2. Apply powder on the lips

Most women complain that lip gloss does not last long. There is a trick to make it last longer. Apply a face powder or a loose powder on the lips. Powder should be applied on the sides and center. Remove excess powder with a cotton or tissue paper. Now, apply a lip gloss on the lips. This makes the gloss stay for long.

3. Apply lip gloss

Lip makeup can be enhanced with lip gloss. After application of lip color, a lip gloss makes the lips look attractive. It can also enhance the look of the face. Apply a lip gloss of a similar shade or any pastel shade on the lips to make the lips look bright. For night makeup look, colors like sheer gold can also look good. Choose a gloss according to choice in lip color.

4. Be careful with thicker lips

Lip gloss enhances the lips to make them look plumper. So, be cautious while applying it on thick lips. This will make the lips look extra plump. Do not apply a lip color on thick lips. Just apply a lip gloss and it will define the look of the lips.

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