7 Ways to Melt A Girl’s Heart

7 ways to Melt a Girls Heart

With the right words and the right moves, it’s easy to melt a girl’s heart. So if you have a woman in mind that you plan to impress or even a distraught girlfriend, here are a few tips that will melt any female heart.

1. Surprise her!

Who doesn’t love a good surprise! One of the best moves for a man to impress his lady is to send her flowers and chocolates when she least expects it. Also, including a nice romantic note would just make the whole deal perfect.

2. Slow dance without music

We’ve all seen it in the movies, he asks her to dance even without music and we all go ‘Awww!’ . It is even more romantic to feel the moment than to watch it on a screen. Make her feel special like one of her favorite actresses in a romantic flick.

3. Hold her hand in front of your friends

Most guys feel shy to act all romantic in front of his guy friends so when he does perform the occasional act of love, it is a big boost for him in her mind. So keep it going, buddy!

4. Tell her she’s pretty even without makeup

A lot of women feel very conscious of themselves especially in the absence of makeup. It is like as if they are hiding behind a mask of self doubt. You have to build in her the confidence and make her feel good about herself even without exterior help.

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