6 Ways to Spot a Liar at Work

6 Ways to Spot a Liar at Work

Whether you are the boss or a team member, it is crucial to know when you are being lied to. At the workplace, this could really prove to be a game changer. We give you some of the ways in which you can know who is being honest with you and who is not. Read on for ways to spot a liar at work.

1. Avoiding eye-contact

The biggest give away of a liar is the tendency to not maintain eye contact when he or she is lying. If you find your employee or team member avoiding eye contact when he/she is talking to you, then it is a sign that he/she may be lying.

2. Giving a fake smile

When a person smiles genuinely, their whole face smiles too. Your eyes, eyebrows, cheekbones, forehead, everything changes with a smile. However, when you give a fake smile, the warmth is not replicated in the rest of your face. If a person is trying to fool you, he/she might give a fake smile to hide the lie. You must take it as a warning sign.

3. Verbal cues

There are a number of verbal cues that can tell you that a person might be lying. If you find a change in a person’s tone as he/she speaks to you or starts rambling, and stammering, then you may be getting fed with a lie. Selective wording is another cue wherein the person tries to avoid certain questions. If you find the person using qualifiers like “I may be wrong”, etc. then he/she might be lying to you.

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