6 Ways to Meet Guys After College

6 Ways to Meet Guys After College

There are so many reasons why the opportunity to meet guys dry up after college. To begin with, outside of college, there aren’t many places where you have a big population of single, eligible men to go out with. You start working when you are out of college and most of your time is spent in the office or commuting and meeting someone is no longer your top priority. As much as you complain about not getting enough chances to meet guys, the truth is that you don’t really make the effort. If you want to meet guys, you need to get out there and try different things and there are some time tested ways to help you meet guys after college.

1. Frequent singles bar

There is a reason that we have singles bars and they are still in business. So if you want to meet a guy, head to a single bar. You don’t have to go all by yourself. Take a friend along or a group of friends. You may look desperate and be vulnerable if you are alone, but will have fun and enough attention when you are in a group.

2. Tell your family that you are open to meeting new men

It works like magic. There is always someone who wants to fix you up with someone or knows someone who is single. The more family members you talk to, the more options you will get to meet men.

3. Let your friends know you are single and ready to date

Friends mean well and even if there is a risk of them going overboard, they will never rest till they find someone for you. And till you do, they will be introducing you to a number of guys. And since your friends know the guys, it is also safe.

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