7 Benefits of Gooseberry Juice for Hair

7 Benefits of Gooseberry Juice for Hair

Gooseberry juice has been used for health and cosmetic purposes for a long time. Although it originates from the east and has long been part of the culinary and cosmetic tradition, it has since gained popularity around the world for it various benefits. Apart from making your skin glow, Gooseberry juice is also great for your hair. The fresher the juice is the better it is for your hair and making the juice is quite simple. You just have to remove the seeds and grind the pulp with some water to get fresh gooseberry juice. Here are some benefits of gooseberry juice for your hair.

1. It strengthens your hair

Gooseberry juice when applied on the scalp strengthens your hair follicles and promotes hair growth. It also strengthens the existing hair. Mixing it with lemon juice also makes it cleaner and shinier.

2. It prevents premature graying

Gooseberry juice is also rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. these enrich your hair and prevents in from graying prematurely. Saute some gooseberry pulp or juice with oil and let it cool for a while. Apply this to your scalp to get better results.

3. It helps treat dandruff problems

No one wants those snowy flakes on the scalp or falling on your shirt. Soak your scalp and hair in Gooseberry juice to prevent dandruff. It also gives you a fresh feeling once you have had a wash after applying gooseberry juice.

4. Gooseberry juice helps improve the pigmentation of your hair

Gooseberry is an ingredient in many of the herbal dyes; the reason is that it increases the pigmentation of the hair. Using Gooseberry juice regularly on your hair or drinking it makes your tresses thicker and darker.

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