10 Makeup Tips To Make You Look Younger

10 Makeup Tips To Look Younger

Aging is natural, aging is graceful. But it is surely good to look and feel younger than your age. I find it quite amusing when jaws drop – when I tell people my age. It’s the best feeling. Look at least 10 years younger with these top 10 makeup tips that will take age away.

1. Add definition to your eyes

Use your eyeliner to add definition to your droopy lids. Should you use a thin eye liner or thick one? Well, it depends on your skin type. If you have a dark skin tone, I’d suggest a thicker liner whereas a thin liner suits lighter skin tones. Adding definition is a fab way of taking a few years away.

2. Choose the right lip color

Wearing a bold bright red lip color is probably not the way to go. The salon that I go to has put up pictures of some of their customers. Two pictures each, with different shades of lipstick. I realized – Oh my God! Choosing the right lip color makes a world of a difference, especially when age brings along those lip lines. I recommend a soft and vibrant tone – maybe a lighter shade of rose, apricot, or even a deeper shade of pink. My tip – dab some gloss on top of soft color to maintain a crisp balance between all the jazz and maturity!

3. Don’t use extreme hair color

When you color your hair, whether at the salon or at home – go easy. Reds, beige, brown – whatever you fancy, keep it toned down. I personally recommend staying within 3 shades of your natural color. Glossy or vibrant hair color that is ‘out there’ should be avoided.

4. Trim your hair

This tip is absolute magic! A time tested trick that always works – trim your hair to a length just above your shoulders. I keep mine between the chin and the shoulder. Even the young ones are going for shorter styles these days – the Bob, the short Updo, the edgy Pixie – these are the ‘in’ styles. What better than sticking with the trend, and taking off at least 5 years from your age? Can’t get any better!

5. Whiten your teeth

Okay, this may not exactly fit the bill of a “makeup tip” but is surely out there. Have the years of sipping coffee, tea or smoking cigarettes made your teeth brown or pale? The best tip to take off a few years off your look is a sexy smile. Add the spark to your smile with crisp white teeth. Dirty teeth will immediately set you back 5 years even from your current age. It is just not worth it. So get out there, and get your shine. White teeth work wonders in making you look younger.

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