6 Steps to Blow Dry Curly Hair Straight

6 Steps to Blow Dry Curly Hair Straight

You don’t need to go to a salon and spend money to blow dry your curly hair straight. You can do so by using a regular blow dryer at home. Here is a step by step guide to blow dry your curly hair and get them looking straight and lovely.

1. Remove excess moisture from your hair

The first step you must follow before using your blow dryer is to remove excess moisture from your hair. After manually squeezing out the water from your hair, wrap them in a towel for ten minutes so that excess moisture is absorbed. This will ensure that your hair is not too dry or too wet. If your hair is wetter than required, you will spend a lot of time in blow drying your curls straight.

2. Apply serum and a heat protector

There are a few products that you should use on your curls before you start straightening them out. Apply your preferred hair serum generously on your hair before you blow dry them. After an interval of five to seven minutes, apply a coat of heat protector which will protect your hair from the direct heat of the blow dryer. Section your hair into four or five parts as per the volume of your hair. Leave one section loose to blow dry and clip the rest with large hair pins so that the blow drying procedure remains manageable.

3. Untangle your curls

Use a paddle brush to untangle your curls before you turn the dryer on. This will make it easier to blow dry your hair. You can also use a wide toothed brush to untangle your curls but when you start blow drying your hair, you will have to use a paddle brush with a large surface area to hold as much hair as possible.

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