5 Things You must Know About Diabetes

Things You must Know About Diabetes

Diabetes has become quite common these days and a lot of countries have brought out alarming statistics about the number of people affected with diabetes each year. This alarming increase in diabetes can be attributes to the changing lifestyle which is characterized by less physical work and more fatty food or genetically modified food. Abdomen fat and obesity are reasons other than genetics for diabetes and even children now are at a high risk of getting diabetes. Though a clear reason has not yet been found for the cause, diet, weight, a sedentary lifestyle have all been attributed as causes for the disease. Here are some things you must know about diabetes.

1. There are three types of diabetes

Type I, Type II and gestational diabetes. Type I diabetes happens when there is a problem with the pancreas and there is not insulin production at all. In such cases the patients must take an insulin shot every day. In type II diabetes, the insulin production is too low to monitor the blood sugar levels and is rectified by medication. When medication fails, they too have to get insulin shot every day. Gestational diabetes happens during the pregnancy and very rarely continues after birth. Genetics plays an important role in increasing your risk of gestational diabetes.

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2. In diabetics, the blood sugar levels spike up after a meal

People with diabetes should be very careful about what they put in as certain foods can immediately spike up the blood sugar levels in the body. Sometimes the blood sugar levels can remain high for up to four hours after a meal and if you are planning to get a test, it is better to test yourself two hours after a meal and one after four hours. High blood sugar levels in the body left untreated for a long time can cause a lot of damages to your body.

3. Diabetes can lead to blindness and kidney problems

Increase in blood sugar levels in the body can damage the small blood vessels that traverse through your retina and the kidney. This can lead to blindness and also kidney failure. In fact a huge percentage of blindness is attributes to diabetes in adults between 20 and 74.

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