6 Signs You have a Work Spouse

6 Signs You have a Work Spouse

Firstly, for those who are unaware of the term, a work spouse is someone at your office with whom you share a platonic relationship. This could be merely a myth you carry in your head because you like someone, or it could be a rumor spread by your coworkers because they always see you together, or it could actually be true. There isn’t any scientific way to measure this or come to any kind of conclusion, but here are 6 signs that you may be having a work spouse.

1. Always together

This is definitely the most compulsory thing to happen. You are always together, be it during your lunch time, other breaks, or even after office hours. You could go for a casual dinner date or to watch a movie, but you are together.

2. Sharing secrets

Both of you know almost everything about each other’s personal as well as professional lives. There are barely any secrets between the two of you. This also includes name calling and talking things behind your coworkers’ backs.

3. Always available

Be it for some work at office, or some other personal work, if he is the first person you look up to, and the person is always available for you, that definitely implies that there is something going on.

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