5 Ways to Make Him Notice You at Work

5 Ways to Make Him Notice You at Work
One does not dip his or her pen in the company ink. This age old idiom has become a warning against office relationships. However, all humans have feelings and there are times when ladies are attracted towards cute guys at work. If you find yourself staring at that handsome coworker, read on to find 5 ways to make him notice you at work.

1. Stay in his peripheral vision

Seat yourself in a place adjacent to him or in the path of his direct vision. Subtly make sure that he is able to see you with any obstruction. The purpose is to be in his vision directly or indirectly, which will result in him noticing you more. If that person has the same feeling as you, he is more likely to initiate contact in this manner.

2. Initiate conversation

Most women try to wait for guys to initiate contact. But it is a waste of time if they continue it indefinitely. If you really like the guy, there is no harm in talking to him first. In fact, some guys prefer that ladies approach them. Who knows, your cutie may be shy and refrains from initial conversation? So take a bold step and at least try the small talk approach.

3. Innocent stares

Guys notice when ladies give them the stares. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know why women stare. However, there is a difference between right and a creepy stare. Don’t look too much, or you will land yourself in trouble. He may take it as a sign of desperation and end up taking advantage of you. Just give him enough rope so that he gets the feeling that you like him.

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