5 Ways To Maintain A Great Pregnancy Diet

5 Ways To Maintain A Great Pregnancy Diet

We hate it when women say, “Oh, now I have to eat double” when they get pregnant. How dumb is that? “Don’t get ruffled dear. Most pregnant women, who don’t have proper knowledge about pregnancy diet, say the same thing”, said Donna, 27, who’s just delivered a lovely baby girl. She’s been through the whole rigmarole and is in the perfect position to tell us about her experiences and guide us towards a proper pregnancy diet.

Pregnancy Diet Tip #1: Increase your intake of fruits

“Having one apple a day is not going to be enough anymore”, advices Donna. We agree. If your pregnancy diet consists of paltry cut fruit bought from the supermarket, you’ve got to sit up and take notice of this. “For your vitamins, minerals and fiber intake, make sure you have a mix of fresh fruits with yogurt or honey. You could even have 2 tall glasses of milkshakes”, says Donna. We love this pregnancy diet already!

Pregnancy Diet Tip #2: Eat lots of iron rich food

“I remember feeling so weightless during my pregnancy. I had a tough time because my hemoglobin levels were low in any case”, said Donna. “To maintain a good iron level of at least 13 to 14, as a mommy-to-be, you must make sure you take additional iron in your pregnancy diet.” Pop in 3-4 dates a day, eat a spinach based veggie every second day and take folic supplements on your doctor’s advice. Now that’s a pregnancy diet advice not many will give you.

Pregnancy Diet Tip #3: Avoid nuts, too much vitamin A and too many calories

There are chances that your unborn baby may not take nicely to nuts. “Pregnancy diets usually advice mothers to steer clear from all sorts of peanuts, nut bars and nut butters, as the baby may start developing allergic tendencies to it inside the womb itself”, said Donna. “A friend of mine had also advised me to stay away from eating too much liver, papaya, fish with high mercury content and unpasteurized milk products to avoid any birth defects”, she added.

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