5 Signs of Depression In Children

5 Signs of Depression In Children

Children experience different phases while growing up. Nowadays when the world is extremely competitive a child is bound to feel depressed and withdrawn. A parent must observe the child’s behavior in order to understand his/her problems. Many parents are unaware of the signs that will help them recognize the signs of depression in their children. So here are some symptoms that will guide you in case your child is suffering from anxiety and depression.

1. Loss of interest

The first symptom of depression is losing interest in any activity. Formerly the activities which your kid loved to perform will seem to be boring to him/her. Those activities may include watching the favorite television program or playing with their favorite toys. Whenever you notice such changes in your children it means that something is bothering them and hence they do not take pleasure in things that once were most interesting to them. This feeling of indifference is a clear indication of depression.

2. Afraid to share their views

The feeling of being misunderstood is experienced by every child at one point or another. A child that is withdrawn and stressed out will go through this same feeling and hence try to back out from trying new things. They will be afraid to speak their minds or share their views due to the fear of being mocked at or being misunderstood.

3. Dip in academic performance

The academic performance of a child is also a good indicator of his mental and emotional condition. Academic highs and lows are common things but if your child is showing a significant decrease in his/her grades then it might be a reason to worry. The lack of concentration and stress might be some of the reasons contributing to the low grades of your child.

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