5 Reasons Why Guys Love The Chase

5 Reasons Why Guys Love The Chase

When it comes to romance and love, men love the chase. Sometimes if we reflect on why this happens, there are many reasons for it. It’s not biological, but just the way they are made. These are societal norms which are engrained in them, and they grow up thinking that this is how it’s supposed to be. They love it and enjoy it and feel powerful. Here are 5 reasons why guys love the chase.

1. Belief in making the first move

Living in a patriarchal society, men are compelled to believe that when it comes to love and dating, they need to make the first move. They play an important role in sexual equation and women need to be taken care of and made to feel special, it is their job to do that.

2. Men don’t like to wait

Men don’t like the waiting and wondering and looking for signs, they are goal-oriented and need to simply cut to the chase. If they like someone, they will just go for it. There will be no frantic whispers with friends, trying to find out, digging out information about the person. Their thinking is, “I like this girl, she is sweet and I want to find out more.” They go to the girl directly rather than going around interrogating.

3. Some men like to treat women like a prey

Most of the times, women are seen as objects of sexual desire. They feel threatened, harassed and become victims of sexual offense. Some men don’t get it when women say no! They chase and follow women like a prey, but they need to understand that there is a difference between chasing and stalking. Ladies like the knight in shining armor not a scum bag!

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