How to Heal a Broken Heart?

How to Heal a Broken Heart?

Ever experienced the trauma of heartbreak? The pain can only be felt by the victim and can neither be explained nor understood by others. A cure to a broken heart is often easier said than done. It may take several days or months of tear-stained pillows and ranting to offer some amount of solace. Where there has been true love, it may even take years to cure a wounded heart. Here are the ways to heal a broken heart.

1. Focus on self

The self is usually the most wounded during heartbreak. Although, it is difficult to indulge in exciting activities, try to focus your mind on doing things that will serve as a means of distraction. The more lone time you give yourself, the more will you feel let down. Hence, you can either choose to spend time in the company of those who are non-judgmental or go for self-pampering sessions at a spa.

2. Ventilate feelings

Raving and ranting either alone or in the company of one or more you trust the most ventilates your hard feelings. Doing this once or twice may not serve the purpose. The feeling of regret, loss and anger keep surfacing. So rant as many times as possible to bring the sick feeling down in ounces at least.

3. Cry your heart out

Go to a high spot, preferably away from civilization and shout your heart out to ventilate your anger. It may sound ridiculous but has helped millions to eliminate their anger not just during heartbreak but also in other tough situations. When anger walks out, other feelings follow suit but may do so at their own pace.

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