5 Best New Years Eve Party Songs for 2012

5 Best New Years Eve Party Songs for 2012

Just a few hours left for the New Year to begin. What can be a better way to celebrate New Year than by dancing the night away. What kind of music makes a party fun? The music has to be catchy, danceable and easy to sing. So below are a few suggestions that will help you to spice up your New Year’s Eve playlist. Here we bring you five amazing New Year eve party songs for 2012 that you can groove to.

1. Gangnam Style by Psy

You just cannot party away this new year without this number. This song is a proof that K-Pop is at last entering into American waters with a boom. This idiosyncratic number is in the forefront of many American numbers as well. Shake your booty this New Year’s Eve in Gangnam style.

2. Good Time by Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen

Both these artist are wonderful by themselves. And when they two come together, they create a music that can be compared to nothing else. This number is a clean party hit to listen to while waving goodbye to 2012. It is effervescent, pumping and instantly likable.

3. Promises by Nero

Nero is a number that instantly blasted a dub step into the pop mainstream in United Kingdom. This hot dance soundtrack will bring you closer to your target of affections for the night. Drop a grenade at your party by playing this number out loud and soon you will see the bottom dropping. You will also easily find a huge number of remix versions as well.

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