12 Fun Facts About Valentine’s Day

12 Fun Facts About Valentine's Day

All the people who believe in the word ‘love’ anxiously wait for Valentine’s Day. It is the day to express your loved ones, how much they mean to you. Here are some fun facts related to Valentine’s Day. Enjoy reading.

1. If two people kiss on the Valentine’s Day, then it brings good luck all through the year.

2. More than seventy percent of men buy flowers for their girlfriends on this day. The percentage of women buying flowers for men is quite less.

3. There was a weird and funny belief in Middle Ages, that the first person you met in the morning would be your future spouse. Off course, the first person has to be of the opposite sex.

4. On Valentine’s Day, most cards are given to teachers followed by parents and children. And, you thought it has to do with lovers?

5. The most common gift given by men to women is the box of candies. Men prefer to give their woman chocolates as a symbol of love.

6. More than 50 million red roses are given on Valentine’s Day. This is not restricted to lovers, but all the loved ones around the world.

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