8 Benefits of Exfoliating Your Skin

8 Benefits of Exfoliating Your Skin

You know it is time to exfoliate when your skin begins to look dull and congested. An important part of your clean-up routine, exfoliation is extremely useful. Though excessive exfoliation may leave your skin feeling dry and irritated, doing it on a weekly basis will do wonders for your skin. We give you a list of reasons why you should not give exfoliation a miss.

1. Skin detoxification

Exfoliation detoxifies your skin to give you a refreshed look and a bright complexion.

2. Removal of dead skin cells

By removing the outer layer of the skin, exfoliation reveals the newer skin beneath. It helps to get rid of dull and dry skin cells and speed up the skin renewal process.

3. Reduction of fine lines

If you regularly exfoliate the skin, it will help you keep fine lines and wrinkles in check. This will also help you have a softer and healthier skin.

4. Lessens sun damage

By minimizing the uneven irregular pigmentation, the process of exfoliation helps reduce the negative effect of sun damage.

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