6 Things You Must Do This Holiday Season

6 Things You Must Do This Holiday Season

For a long time now you have been celebrating Christmas with your family, friends, and loved ones. Every year, you plan a different thing for your Christmas celebration according to your budget, the convenience of your family members, and the time you have for the preparations. Now it is time to change and do things that you might not have thought of before. This Christmas, think differently and go through this list of things that you must do this Christmas.

1. Make a commitment and stick to it

With life getting very busy and stressful, we get less time to follow what we have thought about. Make a list of things that you wish to follow but are not able to, owing to a lot of work or a busy life. Then make a commitment to yourself about just one thing that tops the list and keep to it. This Christmas, tell yourself that you will follow what you have decided. It could be as simple as making a call every fortnightly to your parents who live far away or spending quality time with your spouse or kids every week.

2. Donate to charity

In the hustle of daily life, we tend to pay less attention to what is happening around the world. But this Christmas, make up your mind and see how you can help someone. It could be donating some clothes to the needy, unused toys to a children’s hospital, or helping someone in an old age home. Make it a point to involve your kids in charity. Let them know about the joy of giving. It will make this Christmas very special for all the members in the family.

3. Wait for the city lights

Every city has a pre-decided time to start its Christmas lights. It is always given in the morning newspaper or on TV. Get to know the time and wait for the city lights to go on. Enjoy the moment when your city is beautifully decorated and lit up. Watch it with your family or friends. If you have kids, make them watch it too. It will definitely become a memorable Christmas for them.

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