10 Reasons to be Optimistic

Reasons to be Optimistic

Optimism is a vital yet rare virtue and especially in the world of today which seems to move at breakneck speed, people go through life like zombies bogged down by pessimism and depression. But here are 10 reasons to cheer you up and plant the seed of optimism within you which will surely transform your life like nothing else can.

1. A more egalitarian society

Thanks to feminism and thanks to the change in consciousness of the so called stronger sex, women have gained an equal footing in most parts of the world if not everywhere. There is nothing like a man’s job or a male field of dominance any more. Women have proved themselves to be equal and even better than men in most fields; so three cheers to that.

2. Life expectancy on the rise

New treatments are becoming available for the previously lethal diseases and research is throwing up novel techniques of lengthening life every other day. Thanks to all these, you can safely look forward to being an octogenarian.

3. Age is just a number

It’s not only about living longer, but also being able to be hale and hearty all through it enjoying life to the fullest. Thanks to the developments of medical science and the increased health consciousness of people, 50 has become the new 30. Mid-life crisis is soon gonna be an obsolete term and menopause will no longer seem to be a dreaded word.

4. Scope for entrepreneurship

What with all the unemployment around you and all the untapped resources, entrepreneurship is the word in right now. If you have it in you, you can be the next entrant in the Forbes list of billionaires. This is a good enough reason to be an optimist, right?

5. The economy is recovering

No matter how dark the forecasts seem to be and no matter how much the people seem to panic at every drop in growth rate, if you have survived the past couple of years, rest assured, it can’t be worse.

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