5 Tips to Protect Yourself in Dating Chat Rooms

5 Tips to Protect Yourself in Dating Chat Rooms

Dating chat rooms are the quickest platforms to meet people and share some light moments virtually. It might be the best way to socialize, but an equally dangerous one if proper precautions are not taken. It offers a one-on–one chat, group chat, video chat, multiple window chats, options are many. It’s just that you need to know where to draw the line. Dating chats have eventually ended up in marriages for some and death for some others. So, tread carefully into the complex cyber world and better be safe than sorry. Check out 5 tips to protect yourself in dating chat rooms.

1. Create a decent user name

Your user id is the first thing that speaks about you in the virtual world. So, choose a decent one. Do not use sexually enticing names that can attract the eyeballs of troublemakers. Different kinds of people visit the chat rooms daily. So, you need to ensure your safety by not being provocative. It is always better to use a different name instead of your real name as user id.

2. Secure your personal details

This is one golden rule in the virtual chat room. Hide your personal details to ensure your safety. Your name, photographs,address, official details, phone number should not be exchanged unless you trust your virtual friend. In case you want to share, do it through personal email ids. Never share these details in the common chat room where everyone can see it, unless you love nuisance!

3. Do not be very open

Some stalkers are smart enough to stalk you by tracing your location. If you tell them about your location or place and details about any travel site you are going, just be careful. You may get to know their true colors when they start following you. Keep things to yourself and do not be very open. Never share your photo through an online dating site. If you do, you are just inviting serious trouble.

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