9 Things Men Look For In A Woman

9 Things Men Look For In A Woman

Everyone needs someone who will provide support, act as a pillar in their life and provide a shoulder to lean on. No one can live all alone in this world-no matter how strong a person is. Many people feel that having a partner in life to share your good and bad times is what makes their lives more meaningful, stronger and fun-filled. But, when it comes to dating a woman, men are a little particular about a few things. Here’s a list of a few things that men look for in women.

1. Appearance

No matter how much you deny, it is true that appearance attracts men towards women and vice-versa. By appearance, we do not mean that women must look beautiful or really hot. It definitely does not mean the perfect figure and those pouty lips. Men like it when a woman dresses up simple but elegant. They also admire women who dress up aptly for an occasion.

2. Kindness

Men love it when a woman matches her physical beauty with her inner beauty. There are women who may look beautiful on the face but may be downright wicked. Men like it when women are kind and show compassion. A woman, according to men, is supposed to be gentle and caring. They always like the feminine side of women.

3. ‘I-am-myself’ Attitude

Men hate pretense. They like it when you are yourself. It just shows that you have nothing to hide and that your life is an open book for them.

4. Trustworthiness

A promise is a promise. If you keep your word, then it impresses men much more than anything else.

5. Common Sense

Common sense may be uncommon but your displays of common sense in small things like what to do, what gift to choose, etc goes down well with men.

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