8 Biggest Mistakes People Make on Twitter

8 Biggest Mistakes People Make on Twitter

Twitter is a great micro-blogging website that does not just help in adding connections but also helps to gain knowledge on a wide variety of subjects, promote your business and support others. However, some get it all wrong. Listed here are some of the common and biggest mistakes people make on Twitter.

1. Adding too many connections

Twitter is about a lot other things and not just adding connections. You may be following thousands but may be followed only by a 100. But this should not be a reason for you to multiply your followers. Let them come naturally. Do not get frantic in adding followers.

2. Getting personal

While tweeting is the primary task at Twitter, getting personal about it is not what you should be doing. Getting personal is both unnecessary and dangerous on a public forum like Twitter. Tweet if you must, get informal, promote your business but people are not going to read what you ate or when you burped.

3. Scheduling tweets in advance

Doesn’t that sound ridiculous? If you do not want to or do not have the time to tweet, don’t tweet. What is the dire need to schedule your tweets in advance? This is very impersonal and feels like someone doing it for the sake of tweeting.

4. Using the auto follow feature

If you are looking at the mere number of connections and do not really bother about what kind of connections they are or whether they are interested in the first place to even glance at your tweet, you are heading in the wrong direction in the Twitter world. There is no rule that says that you got to follow everybody who follows you.

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