7 Advantages of Being Married

7 Advantages of Being Married

They say marriages are made in heaven, but they feel far from heavenly after the initial honeymoon period is over. The topic of marriage, which was once considered as a sacred institution, has become the butt of many a joke all over the world. This list will remind you of the pros of being married and why you should go in for holy matrimony.

1. Companionship

The biggest advantage of being married is that you have the love, support and companionship of at least one person forever. One is not only legally, but also emotionally tied to their partner. You have someone to grow old with, share your life, help you always, banish loneliness and negative feelings, pick you up when you are down, etc.

2. Not easily breakable

Marriages can’t be treated as frivolously as live-ins or boyfriend-girlfriend relationships. You cannot just walk out of them, and keep changing spouses because of small silly reasons. It gives you a sense of security and is not easily breakable; it’s a tough institution, well not literally.

3. Kids

Almost everyone wishes to have kids at some point of time in their lives, and it saves you a lot of questioning and embarrassment if you have kids when in a marriage. Your kids will love you for coming to their school functions as a married couple. He or she will not have to dodge questions about why they don’t have a father or mother. Plus, single parent home feels empty and mean double the hard work and lesser money. Your kids deserve the security, presence and love of both their parents.

4. The lavish ceremony

A wedding is a milestone in your life, just like your first income or graduation day. It gives you the opportunity to shine in the spotlight, celebrate with friends and family and splurge on yourself. It makes even the most unlucky person feel on top of the world. Why go by life without indulging yourself in a lavish ceremony with loved ones where you shine and are treated like a VIP?

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