6 Things to Keep in Mind When You Encounter Your Ex at a Social Do

6 Things to Keep in Mind When You Encounter Your Ex at a Social Do

Breakup is never easy, because you have spent so many beautiful memories with your ex. But, life moves on and is never the same. There might be many situations when you would come face to face with your ex after a breakup. For example, if you have a common friend circle, then you might meet your ex in social settings. How will you encounter the situation? Listed here are some things to keep in mind when you encounter your ex at a social do.

1. Smile at him

Do smile at your ex when you meet him socially after the breakup. Agreed, you have moved on in life, this does mean you make a face at him. For the sake of all the good memories you shared with him, at least give him a smile. This is not going to cost you anything.

2. Act calm

If he wants to talk to you, have a calm approach. It is possible that you might feel sad or angry standing there. Keeping a patient approach would definitely help to tackle the situation. Do remember, it is a social function, and there are many people there. Talk to him casually without holding any grudge against him.

3. Do not show regret

Even if you still feel for him, do not show it on your face. If he was the one who called off the relationship, then you would hurt yourself by showing your pain. It is not going to bother him in any way, since he has moved on in life. Do not show any sad expression; just keep a smile on your face.

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