5 Signs that You are Uncertain about Your Relationship

5 Signs that You are Uncertain about Your Relationship

Are you in a relationship but uncertain about being in love! This happens to most people when they are in a relationship. There is a sense of uncertainty which stops a person from committing. If you are facing a similar situation, then know some signs and decide for yourself. Take a look at these signs that tell if you are uncertain about your relationship.

1. Insecurity

Being insecure is a sign of being uncertain. If you are not happy with your partner, then think again. Insecurity may lead to other problems as well. Loss of trust leads to insecurity in a relationship. This could be from your side. Where there is true love, there is no scope of insecurity or uncertainty.

2. Not being happy

Everything is good in the relationship, but you are still not happy? What could be the reason behind this? Loss of love is the reason. You may be uncertain and confused regarding your feelings for him. This makes you depressed and lonely even after being in a relationship. Think again and evaluate your feelings.

3. Not being true

Are you being yourself in the relationship? Are you hiding something to keep him happy? Then you are surely uncertain about your feelings. When two people are in love, they do not hide things or find faults. This happens because of uncertainty. If you just think about him and his needs, you are surely not happy in a relationship.

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