5 Best Websites for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is often associated with excitement and happiness but there is also a lot of tension, anxiety and fear in the mind of every pregnant woman, especially the first timers. While talking to experienced women may be one of the sources of information, checking the Internet several times a day may offer solace at a time when you most need it. Hence, many pregnancy websites survive, but you are often clueless in determining the best or most appropriate one. Find below the list of few of the most popular pregnancy websites.



1. www.babycenter.com

The website categorizes information into distinct stages. Some of these classifications include getting pregnant, during pregnancy and post pregnancy and goes right up to offering complete information on birth and raising a child. This is again divided into stages. The website has forums where users can discuss their problems, clarifications and other general information. You can also sign up for newsletters and weekly updates that will keep coming to you for as long as you want it to.

Photo Courtesy: www.babycenter.com



2. www.webmd.com/baby

Although WebMD is a preferred site for health and medical topics, there is also a section on pregnancy and childbirth related topics. A wide collection of articles on every topic that a pregnant woman would like to learn about are discussed extensively in this website. Obtain tips to manage morning sickness and other issues women are likely to face during pregnancy are also dealt with. A video library on several topics also serves as a ready information reckoner.

Photo Courtesy: http://www.webmd.com/baby/



3. www.pregnancy.org

Both registered and unregistered users can access different kinds of information on pregnancy from this website. However, certain portions of the website require registration for access such as video libraries and bulletin boards. You can also ask the experts for information on a wide variety of subjects. Areas of focus are as wide and specific as understanding ultrasound, amniocentesis and preparation for birth. There are options for live chats and even a database of baby names to choose from. This is one of those pregnancy sites that is built by parents.

Photo Courtesy: www.pregnancy.org/



4. www.whattoexpect.com

This website is very inviting and user friendly. There are four broad categories in which topics are categorized and include Preconception, Pregnancy, First Year and Toddler. The website educates you right from preconception issues to kinds of baby foods to a whole host of other areas that pregnant women and mothers should learn about. Maintain a pregnancy calendar, join groups and stay updated.

Photo Courtesy: www.whattoexpect.com



5. www.smartmomma.com

In the initial days, the website offered a lot of advice to moms-to-be. Thereafter, it transformed itself into an online retailer offering a whole lot of pregnancy related products including a Babycom Fetal Doppler for listening to the heartbeat of your baby. Today, besides being a strong Internet store, smartmomma has opened two retail outlets in North Carolina.

Photo Courtesy: www.smartmomma.com

  • www.babycenter.com
  • www.webmd.com/baby
  • www.pregnancy.org
  • www.whattoexpect.com
  • www.smartmomma.com

Basically, most pregnancy websites have similar fundamental points of focus to share with women and men around the world. Certain websites hold credibility more than the rest. The onus lies on you to determine the site that works well for you and your baby. Ensure they have proper medical backing to offer information but never make any website a substitute for proper medical care.

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