Top 5 Tips To Dress For A Funeral

Top 5 Tips To Dress For A Funeral crisav

Dressing for a funeral can be tricky and complicated, especially because there is a fine line between what is acceptable and what is not. The last thing you’d want is your dressing to be the cause of hatred and anger in a grieving family. Don’t take that chance. Here are 5 funeral dressing etiquettes that you must follow and keep yourself on the safer side on such a sensitive event.

1. Be neatly groomed

The key for our first funeral dressing etiquette is being neat. Make sure that you are not shabby or unkempt. If it’s going to be an extremely formal event, women may be expected to wear a short face veil. And remember, it may be okay for the extremely immediate family to be unkempt because they may be crying incessantly or are unwell, but the same does not apply for you.

2. Black is a safe bet

Some funerals have a dress code mentioned where the grieving family may want you to wear the favorite color of the deceased. But if there is no formal dress code mentioned and you are confused, black color is your safest bet. Black is a conservative color and therefore is the mainstay at almost all funerals. Remember this funeral dressing etiquette and don’t be the odd one out by wearing flamboyant colors.

3. Keep yourself covered

Although we may see celebrities attending funerals in their skimpy black dresses, that’s not how you want to dress, unless you are a celebrity yourself. You must follow this funeral dressing etiquette and keep yourself fully covered by wearing a dress that is conservative. Stay away from clothing that reveals too much skin, even if it is black.

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