7 Wonderful Tips to Decorate a Christmas Tree

7 Wonderful Tips to Decorate a Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree takes the center stage on Christmas day and also for a few weeks before and a few days after Christmas. With gifts piled up around it, it becomes the most sought after spot for taking pictures and holiday snapshots. It is also an indispensable thing to have for Christmas as no one can imagine having a Christmas without a tree. With so much importance attached to the tree, it only makes sense to decorate it with much care and love. Here are some wonderful tips to decorate your Christmas tree and make it truly beautiful.

1. Pick a fresh tree

There are synthetic trees available in the stores that you can store for future Christmases, but nothing eats the look, fragrance and feel of a natural tree. Trim it well and get a tree that would fit into the dimensions of your rom. Pick a spot where it would not be a part of the furniture but where it could stand by its own.

2. Add minimal lights

Add less light to the tree, as a lot of lights will take the spotlight away from the other decorations you have put up in the tree. Also you cannot keep the lights switched on during the day, so try placing lights strategically to get a better effect.

3. Color coordinate

Just because you have a lot of decorations does not mean that you should hang all of them in your tree. Pick decorations in colors that will not clash with each other. Reds whites and blues are favorites to be clubbed together. You can also add a bit of glitter by adding gold and silver balls.

4. Go easy on the shine factor

Shiny decorations look great individually but when all your decorative items are shiny, it will be a little too painful for the eye. Mix your decorations well between the shiny and the subtle and you will have a great looking Christmas tree.

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