4 Winter Makeup tips

4 Winter Makeup tips

Even if it is not stark, your skin, face and hair go through a change during the winter months. There are complaints about lack of moisture on the whole, dry cracked lips, frizzy hair, pale skin and much more. If you have not been taking enough care of your skin over these winter months, then makeup is the last option for you to look natural and good. Also special care has to be taken care of makeup during the winter months as the lights, your clothes, accessories, your skin tone and everything else is going to be different. Here are some winter makeup tips to look great and radiant in the winter months.

1. Skin tone

Your skin tends to get a little paler during the winter months for lack of sun and less exposure to the outside environment. In case you are using a concealer and blush, make sure those match with the current tone of your skin. If you are not changing it, at least ensure that you blend in everything well so you have a neutral tone on your face.

2. Moisturizing your lips

Lipsticks from a good brand come with moisturizers and balm, but if you want your lips to be plump and glossy, keep using lip balm every half hour. Lips tend to go dry and crack easily during the winter months and if you do not moisturize it properly, your cracks will show through your lipstick and that is not a pretty sight.

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