Why You Must Live Life for Yourself

Why You Must Live Life for Yourself

The world is a stage and we play many roles, rightly said Shakespeare. But what we forget while juggling so many different things in life is living for our own selves. With so many people to please and to live for, we often fail to find a reason to live for ourselves. If you are in the same boat, read on to discover reasons to live life for yourself.

1. Because you came into this world alone

You did not come into this world with anyone (even if you are a twin, there would have been some moments separating your birth from your sibling’s) and you would not leave with anyone. What does that tell you? Life was created to be lived for yourself!

2. Because you must love yourself

Agreed that you should be kind and generous, and you should love and spread joy, but you should not forget that loving is empowering and not sacrificial in nature. It does not mean to stop living for yourself, and start living for the one who loves you. In fact, if you are actually in the presence of love, you will live for yourself so that your love could blossom more.

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