Why Do Men Cheat In Relationships?

6. They feel neglected

No one likes to be neglected – be it men or women. This is found to be one of the reasons why men seek other women, in spite of being in a steady relationship.

7. They want revenge

This can be a reason when a woman has cheated upon her partner and now her man feels that it’s time to pay back.

8. They are jealous

If men don’t get proper attention from their partners, then they resort to cheating in order to seek their partner’s attention.

9. They feel their ex has changed

The best excuse for men to have a relationship with their ex is to say ‘she isn’t the same’. They happily give themselves an opportunity to cheat, even when there is no such change in the woman.

10. They are scared to leave

Some men are purely too scared to tell or face the truth that they no longer want the relationship and thus find it easier to cheat on their partner than cut ties with their another woman.

Men will continue to be men but you are supposed to know everything you possibly can about men before entering a relationship.

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