What Type Of Sunglasses Are Most Likely To Suit Your Face

What Type Of Sunglasses Are Most Likely To Suit Your Face

Sunglasses are one of the most stylish accessories worn by females. It is true that they suit all faces, however, it is also true that different sunglasses suit different faces. This makes it important that you understand the shape of your face, and choose a pair that is perfect for you. This article throws light upon the different types of face shapes, and the pair that suits that shape. Check out which face shape do you have and pick the right pair accordingly.


A round face is almost full, only with a few curves at certain places. While picking sunglasses, the trick is to make the face appear longer and thinner. For a face like yours, round frames must be kept at bay. Instead stick to short square or rectangular frames. When hinges are set above the level of the eyes, it elongates the face.


This a face where the width of the face is about half of its length. In other words, the jaw is narrower than the cheekbones. The idea behind picking sunglasses is to maintain the natural balance of the face. Take the broadest part of your face, and choose a pair of sunglasses that is slightly wider than this part.


You have a heart-shaped face, if you’re blessed with high cheekbones and a forehead that is a lot more wider than the narrow chin. The idea is to make the jaw appear broader, while making the forehead appear narrow. Almond-shaped and Aviator frames are ideal for your face. You can even go for rectangular frames. Create a balanced face cut by picking a pair of sunglasses where the hinges are located at the center.

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