What Not to Wear to Work?

What Not to Wear to Work?

Our clothes define our character. In fact, people focus on their appearances so much that the very word ‘fashion’ has become distinguished. And when it is your office, a trendy, cool and sophisticated look is extremely beneficial to ensure that you, as an employee or the owner of the enterprise, set up a modest yet respectable repute.

So here are a few dainty tips about some fashion mistakes you cannot at any cost repeat. The following list will help you maintain your grounds and still look the best dressed in the vicinity of your colleagues. Simply put, here’s what you should not wear to work.

1. Never give too much of attention to any body part. Always maintain that professional yet sophisticated look with attire that defines those curves but doesn’t make you look sloppy.

2. Try to avoid ultra miniskirts at work. It may be your form of being sexy but it gives an entirely different perception to others who expect you to maintain your compose with decent tailoring.

3. Ensure that even by mistake you don’t sport yourselves with see-through clothes. These obviously won’t make you look or feel sexy but will trap you under gawky stares and uncomfortable moments, thereby interrupting work.

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