What Is The Importance Of Friendship?

What Is The Importance Of Friendship?

What is the importance of friendship? It can’t be measured nor can it be weighed. We stopped a few people on the streets to find out what role friendship played in their lives. Here is what they had to say when we asked them “What is the importance of friendship?”

“The importance of friendship in my life is more than what I can put in words. My friendship with my childhood bestie has pulled me through rough times when I went through a lengthy divorce”, said Gemina who had been through a bitter divorce recently.

We really liked what James had to say on the importance of friendship because he talked about how friends can bring joy to our life. “My best friend from college, Mark and I really enjoy catching up on playing basketball every evening. Even after more than 10 years of college, we still get the same amount of joy playing basketball together”, said James, 34.

Jacki, 27 and a student of fashion journalism, seemed to be in a bit of a hurry when we stopped her to ask her the importance of friendship in her life. She left us with just one line which left a deep impact in our minds. Jacki said, “We all should wake up and realize the true potential and importance of friendship because friends accept you for what you are, not for what you can be”. We think Jacki has hit the nail on the head, don’t you?

Tom, 42, said that we often don’t realize the importance of friendship until years have gone by. “I did not realize the importance of friendship until it was too late. I did not keep in touch with friends but now I have awakened to the fact that life is much better with friends around”. Are we all listening and learning from Tom’s lesson in life?

Last but not the least, we encountered a cop on duty on the corner of the street. And we thought asking him about the importance of friendship would give us some interesting answers. “My mates and I love sharing a beer each weekend. Everything in the world can change but not our dates with our chilled beers”, the cop said. “For me, the importance of friendship lies in being carefree, throwing your hands up in the air and enjoying a roller coaster ride”.

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