What Is The Difference Between Selfishness And Professionalism?

What Is The Difference Between Selfishness And Professionalism?

Selfishness is defined as “placing one’s own needs above others’ needs”. As a child, we were always discouraged from being selfish. We were asked to share our toys, gifts, chocolates, etc. with everyone. It was said, “By sharing, you get double the quantity of what you initially got”. Hence, we always grew up thinking being selfish is bad. Later on, as we undergo experiences, we actually start thinking should we be really selfless and share everything we have?

The above question is true especially when we are at work. Most people misinterpret professionalism for selfishness. It is necessary that they understand the difference between the two. Being a professional is different from being selfish. When you are in your profession, you have to be look at your best friend as a competitor, no matter how good your personal relations are. However, maintain a healthy relation with such people so that you have a healthy competition.

When you work in a company, you are not just working for the growth of your career or for earning money. You are putting efforts for the growth of the company as well. When you choose a company to work with, you are committing your services to them and helping them earn. Only if they earn can you earn and survive. Therefore, you have a commitment towards them. In the company, if you find your best friend to be at fault in some way, you cannot stop to think about your personal relation with your friend. Here, your professionalism comes into play. You have to put your foot down and report the matter. It is never telling tales as your coworker or your friend may see it. It is simply being professional. Some people look upon it as selfishness. They say you were selfish when reporting against your friend. It is, however, not selfishness. It is pure professionalism which is an absolute must at work.

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