What Is Self Esteem?

What Is Self Esteem?

Self esteem is how you feel about yourself and your capabilities. It is your evaluation of your own worth. When you think highly of yourself, you have high self esteem whereas you have low self esteem when you think the opposite.

High self esteem is crucial as it gives confidence and encourages a person to take the right decisions, without any fear or procrastination. It makes you feel proud of yourself and what you are. Self esteem also rubs on to others and they look up to you with respect. Positive self esteem ensures that you never think twice before taking up a challenge as you are confident of your capabilities. It enables you to rise up and always strive for something better, without ever looking back.

You cannot win the love and praise of others if you yourself are skeptical of your self-worth. People with low self esteem are generally very critical of themselves. They are always indecisive and loath change. They reach the zenith of frustration and are hostile in nature. And if you are a sane person, you would apparently not want to be one of them. It is better to avoid low self esteem than to fall prey to it and spend your days in self pity and disappointment.

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