What Is Adventure Travel?

What Is Adventure Travel?

Adventure travel, in the simplest of terms, involves traveling to exotic tourist locations to undertake several different adventure activities. These locations may be hostile in nature and may involve places like jungles, mountain lands, volcanic lands, etc. This form of tourism is mostly undertaken to perform various physical activities, which challenge the tourists physically and mentally to realize their limits.

Adventure travel and tourism requires people to step out of their comfort zones and undertake various risks in the name of adventure and fun. Many a times, tourists undertake such trips for photographical escapades, which may involve capturing nature and its elements, like wildlife, to its very best. Adventure travel may also involve exploring what lies beneath surface water. Exotic locations, which flourish in flora and fauna, often experience such travelers.


Traveling for an adventure trip could itself be a lot of fun. Patrons prefer to travel through conventional modes like rail, animal back rides, boats and rafts. It’s all adventure right from the starting point till its very end. Adventure activities like trekking, hiking, parasailing, paragliding, camping, bungee Jumping, cliff diving, mountain biking, rafting, zip lining, rock climbing, deep sea diving, and the likes are some of the experiences that tourists undertake on such trips.

Top Places to Visit

Adventure travel often takes tourists all across the globe to go and fulfill their adventurous streak.

1. If activities like cycling, hiking and mountaineering appeal to you, then the beautiful mountains of Norway are where you need to head.

2. If on the other hand, coral reefs and wildlife is something that appeals to you, then the African continent is the place to be.

3. Madagascar specializes in adventure tourism with a wide array of deep-sea activities to offer.

4. Jungle safari in Africa is something you would not want to miss, especially when wild animals like jaguards, leopards and tigers are all around you.

5. Adventure on ice sounds cool when you can undertake activities like snowboarding and skiing. What better place than Switzerland for the same! The Swiss Alps are the perfect place to fulfill these aspirations of a traveler.

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