What If There Was No GOOGLE?

What If There Was No GOOGLE?

Can you think of a life without Google today? Imagine how it would be to lead life without knowing where to turn to for all the queries of life. It seems almost impossible to imagine how the people in the past survived without Google. For every little thing, however intellectual or stupid they may be, we have Google at our disposal which readily provides us with all the information in the world that is there in its database. But suppose Google did not exist, then along with the search engine all the other features it provided would just disappear! Think of a world with

1. No Gmail or Google Talk

Unbelievable, isn’t it? At least every 9 out of 10 people reading this will have a Gmail account. And arguably the most phenomenal chat service is provided by Google – through Google Talk. If we did not have these services we would have to look for other means of communicating as easily as we do on Google Talk. Life would become very difficult as we would not be able to pass on information irrespective of time, length and content the way we are used to on Gmail.

2. No Google Docs

Without Google Docs, we would have to go back to the days of handling thousands of papers every month and end up making a mess of everything with several pages missing or torn. Without Google Docs, there will be one more vacancy in companies – they would certainly need someone to keep all the documents organized. Sharing and editing documents would become so cumbersome, it would cause more tension and stress.

3. No Google Adsense

Making easy money was made possible by Google Adsense, which pays you on the basis of clicks. Advertising would become difficult again and would definitely not be as simple as Google Adsense made it. With an account in Adsense, one could rest assured of an extra income coming one’s way, and that would again become a distant fantasy if it does not exist.

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