What Happens When BFFs Turn Into Foes?

Best friends are the best part of life. You trust them completely, more than you trust anybody else. You tell them the things that you can’t even tell your parents. They understand you more than even you have understood yourself. They know your strengths, they know your weaknesses. They know what makes you happy, and even what hurts you the most. They know all your embarrassing secrets, and your crushes. In short they know everything that your enemies shouldn’t know about. So what happens when this BFF of yours, becomes your foe?

Once a wise person stated that, your best friend can turn out to be your worst enemy. And this saying is so very true. At some point in life you must have felt betrayed by the people in your life. The outcome of betrayal is pain, irritation, frustration, anger and sometimes even vengeance. This is exactly how you will feel each time your best friend hurts you, once the two of you have turned enemies. The other point is that you have been so used to your best friend being nice to you. All of a sudden when they are being bad to you, you might find it really hard to digest it. Your best friend can betray you in so many ways. Even you can do the same. In fact this is the most common thing that people tend to do. Revenge may be sweet initially, but in time it starts getting painful for both. The person on whom revenge is being taken is obviously hurt, but the person who is taking the revenge also has to prepare themselves for a blow that will be coming soon. As a result either party is not happy.

So what do you do in such circumstances? How do you come out of this rabbit hole? Ignorance is bliss. It may be a cliche, but it works always. If your BFF is plotting revenge on you, it doesn’t mean that you have to plot revenge back on them. You can simply ignore them. Let me warn you, this is not going to be easy. But it surely is going to be worth it. In time, they will just get fed up and stop being bad. Your friendship with them has already been spoilt, don’t ruin it more by planting methods to make each others lives miserable. Just forgive them and let go. Who knows, maybe tomorrow your friendship might just start anew.

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